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One of the greatest services that American Elite Global consultants can provide any business is its ability to optimize the client’s functionality, operations, and profitability.
A business is like a machine, and as such, it is made up of many parts that must work very efficiently together in a very specific, precise manner to produce the maximum output. Most businesses have a business plan, which we will study during our first consultation session and discuss with the executive team of the organization. This occupies several hours of the first session, but it will provide us with tremendous information as to what the executive founders may have “dreamed of initially”, “envisioned,” “desired and believed” the organization would be about, how they currently believe it should operate, and where they believe the organization should be in the short, medium, and long-term future.

Then, the most challenging part of the work starts, and that is to create a true map of where the organization is and how it is operating. The specific, detailed outline of the current state of the business in every aspect Additionally, it is important to establish, given the current state of affairs, where the business seems to be headed and how far the ultimate results of the operations would be from the intended outcome.

It is one thing to believe, hope, and envision, but quite another to accomplish, achieve, and arrive at the intended outcome. By mapping out its processes, procedures, protocols, and various operational methodologies, we will become familiar with the operations of the client’s business. By speaking with the key operations team members, we will learn about the key operational concerns and issues that they feel are in need of improvement and that, if improved, would most likely contribute to maximum efficiency and the organization’s optimization. We would further track the objective data from the profit and loss statement and other variables to determine what areas precisely require specific attention and how we are best able to improve the operations and profitability of the organization.

We then map out the client’s organizational structure, assessing its true effectiveness, functionality, and efficiency based on what the various key operational staff feel about this structure as it is now and how they feel it should be, so that the organization would function most efficiently and become most streamlined. One of our hidden agendas will always be cost-cutting in every aspect of the operations of our client’s business, from the top to the bottom, and staffing is no exception. In the back of our minds as the expert consultants of American Elite Global consultants,

We are equipped with the ability to utilize our tools of digital business optimization (which we explain in more detail on our TechArt Digital website, but basically) by incorporating digital systems into the day-to-day operations of an organization in any way possible, by which we will do our absolute best to cut costs, make the organization most efficient, and cut out a few excess jobs if possible. (As much as this is not our preference from an ethical perspective, that is, replacing a job with a machine, this is a matter of efficiency and accuracy as well as optimization that drives today’s business.)

We then look at all the other aspects of the organization, one after another, and assess them as we consider their status, how they are in their current state, and where they need to be in order for the organization to become most efficient and optimized. One of the most important aspects of the business that we assess is the marketing methods and their effectiveness.

We evaluate all the marketing modalities that are being utilized, their specific lead generation methodologies and efficiencies, their effectiveness and ROIs, as well as other specific measures. Additionally, we dive into the profit and loss statements of the organization and deeply review the financials in every aspect possible, assessing the fixed costs, variable costs, contributory expenses, non-contributory expenses, employee positions, identifying the most efficient method of performing the profit-producing actions, their necessities in terms of job descriptions and staff, equipment and supplies, space, and resources, and considering any possibilities of reduction in any of the above. In short, although what we do for a client costs a very pretty, shiny dollar-coin (forget the penny! ), the return on the investment of the money is so massive that it is more than worth it, and the client executives have all appreciated the contribution that American Elite has made and have not only remained clients since the initial consultation but have also remained advocates and a source of referral as well! Where do you feel your organization could improve, and how do you imagine it could improve? What is your dream for your business? Are you serious about your dreams and intentions? Are you willing to take action and do what it takes to achieve what you say you want, or do you just say you want it? If you are truly serious and willing to act, then do it now and let’s make this happen for you.

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