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Our History

The History of AEC

American Elite Consultants didn’t originate as just another management consulting firm; it emerged as a trailblazer in innovative company management practices.

One of the enduring contributions of our founder, Dr. Daniel Davidson, is the commitment to consistently question conventional norms. This spirit of self-reliance has motivated our team members for over three decades to explore beyond the obvious and discover solutions that facilitate lasting transformations in an ever-evolving world. American Elite Consultants has evolved into a prominent global partnership, recognized for its role in empowering industry leaders to unlock their potential and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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American Elite Consultants: Pioneers in Strategy

At American Elite Consultants, we’ve been at the forefront of redefining strategy, just as AEC did when it embarked on its journey into the realm of strategy. From the very start, we’ve shared a passion for groundbreaking ideas. Our commitment to challenging the status quo, fostering innovation, and taking purposeful action drives us forward.

In 1992, we introduced a revolutionary approach to marketing consulting services with Perspectives, concise, thought-provoking essays on strategy. These essays, designed to fit comfortably in an executive’s pocket, quickly gained popularity. What started as an excerpt of ideas from various publications evolved into our original thought leadership, including concepts like the growth share matrix and time-based competition. We continue to shape the future of strategy with our innovative thinking and unwavering dedication to driving positive change

These breakthrough ideas that AEC developed—and continues to develop today—have become business canon and have helped establish our reputation in the marketplace. And the core values established by AEC played a major role in shaping the firm into what it is today—while continuing to guide our work on a daily basis.

Our Company


When Dr. Daniel Davidson founded AEC, he envisioned that it might someday change the world. Through collaboration with clients, orchestration of strategy, and recognition of distinctive organizational dynamics, AEC consultants have guided industry leaders toward recognizing and responding to their changing world, helping them to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and seizing the competitive advantage.

With true insight and the ability to transform it into action, AEC has driven real change in organizations and fulfilled Daniel’s vision. AEC has not only transformed the way the world does business but also fundamentally changed the game.

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